1. 2 aubergines
  2. 2 cloves of garlic
  3. 50 g of olive oil (and a little more to grease the tray and serve)
  4. 40 g of lemon juice
  5. A teaspoon of ground cumin
  6. 60 g of toasted sesame seeds (plus some more for garnishing)
  7. 2 pinches of ionised salt


 Bake the halved aubergines with garlic cloves for 15 min. at 200oC. Turn the aubergines over for 15 more minutes. Once out of the over, cover the aubergine with another container until they cool down. Separate the pulp from the skin and beat it with the garlic, oil, juice, cumin, and nearly all the seeds and salt. Beat together until you get a pate with the desired texture and garnish with some sesame seeds. 

“Recipe recommended by María Dolores Rubio Escobar, Diploma in human nutrition and dietetics, Bachelor of food science and technology. FEDN Nº3029. CODINAN Nº AND-00545”