A genuine first-degree cooperative

Vicasol keeps being a single first-degree cooperative that has multiplied by 6 its dimensions. From the founding group of 150 farmer partners, we have grown to about 1000 partners so far and have a team of more than 2500 people and four headquarters.

Vicasol safeguards the principles with which it was born 40 years ago: 

To improve the life of farmers and commercialize their healthy products around the world.

To be the model company in Almería’s agriculture, because of our good work, respect for the environment and people.

How do we do it?

Taking every step according to our VALUES. That is our essence, Vicasol’s DNA:

VI Vitality: We produce fresh and healthy products that feed the world with health. Our team is formed by entrepreneur, passionate and flexible people who are capable of adapting to continuously changing situations. 

CA Care: We care about quality being one of our distinguishing marks. Certified quality in every process, from the selection of seeds to the packaging and final distribution of products.

SOL Solidarity: Vicasol cooperative members are solidary by nature.We are 100% a cooperative, the most solidary and democratic business model for people. From the first farmer to the last, they all have the same obligations and rights. We hold four assemblies every year and two Governing Board meetings per month.

A people-oriented cooperative

Vicasol’s first key to success is our human team. The 2nd and 3rd are our farmer partners and their families, along with our team of professionals.

About Vicasol

Vicasol is a single cooperative characterized by connecting farmers directly with the market. We have almost 1000 farmer partners, some of whom are the third family generation in Vicasol. Our team adds up to these families of farmers, with more than 2500 employees, being women the 70% of them.

Thanks to the work of all of us, we grow more than 1800 hectares of land and we produce more than 240 tons of products that are commercialized afterwards in different countries of Europe, North America and Asia.

We have four manipulation centers in Almeria’s province and one of them is exclusively dedicated to ecological produce.