We are farmers

In Vicasol we are proud of what we are: farmers. Our cooperative is a big family that never stops growing. That is evidenced by the fact that the grandchildren of the founders, the families with whom everything started, are still part of the cooperative, generation after generation. 

This cohesion, along with the great work of our management team, makes Vicasol an attractive cooperative for the people of all times and the new to come. The average age of our partners is 40 years old.

Rafa, partner and son of founder

“I have been a farmer since I was a child, when I used to help out my parents at the greenhouse”

Silvia Vargas and Paco Rodríguez

Ibán Escobar and María del Mar Rodríguez

Yolanda Rivas, farmer

About 1000 families of farmers are the heart of our cooperative

The average age of the Vicasol farmer partner is 40 years old. Campaign after campaign, new farmers come to work elbow to elbow with us. Stability, trustworthiness and reliability are the most important values of our partners.