The 10 pillars in Vicasol’s culture

1.    People-oriented

Vicasol is a cooperative focused on people, on the well-being of the farmer partners and their families, and on our working team. We are focused on generating jobs and wealth in our area by promoting policies and actions for sustainable environmental development.

2.    Equality. We promote balance

Our team adds up to our family of farmers, with more than 2500 employees, being women the 70% of them. More than 50% of our women hold responsible positions.

In our cooperative we promote and believe in equality. Most of our employees and head of departments are women. To put it into effect, we have created a blueprint: Our Equality Program that includes both management actions and a program for annual actions and activities, like Annual Women’s Day, a day in which, every year, all our female farmer partners celebrate a get-together and participate in activities.

3.    Sustainable growth

Every year, we join job placement programs for people in risk of social exclusion, in food bank donation campaigns, and in the reforestation of natural places in our area, contributing to the fight for the restoration of our region’s aquifers.

4.    Environment

In Vicasol we preserve the environment and try to sustainably use our surroundings. For that, we efficiently use the resources we have in order to produce, and we reforestate the mountains that are close to our greenhouses to draw and increase the water amount in aquifers. We can certainly say, as it is suggested by scientific studies from the University of Almería, that crops purify the air and reduce the climate change effects on the region.   
Vicasol takes care of the integral management of its partners’ waste by collaborating with different recycling stations and landfills from the cities where we are based and our aim is to treat materials like plastic, wood and plant residues properly. We also provide our partners with a waste recycling centre for the containers of products used in greenhouses. 

5.    Diversity

Vicasol is strongly committed with people and focuses its management on the human workforce. People are our objective. The respect we have for people’s dignity and essential rights is demonstrated by actively coordinating the rights and opportunities equality principle with a non-discriminating diversity management. 

We directly collaborate with Government agencies, non-profit making organizations like La Caixa Foundation, Cáritas, Noesso, the Spanish Red Cross and Councils that support labor hiring and integration for both women in risk of social exclusion and migrant collectives that are part of integration programs.

6.    Food banks

Through joining APROA’s “Distribución gratuita” action, we collaborate and send product surpluses to food banks all around the national territory.

7.    Healthy lifestyle

Regarding the health field, among other actions, we have an annual program to spread healthy habits among children. 

Some of our initiatives are: Coexplay with Coexphal, “Conoce tu pueblo” with the Council of Vícar, as well as summer camps around the provinces, healthy get-togethers and street markets, etc.

8.    Culture and sports

Moreover, we support culture and sports: We take part in hiking trails, chess and archery championships, as well as in the festivities of the cities where we are based.

9.    Code of conduct

Our cooperative has its own Code of Conduct in which we express our commitment to operate through respect and support to the rule of law, human rights and the civil liberties stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations, as well as to the protection of our clients’ interests.

10.    Vicasol team, a big family

The Vicasol team keeps working every day to continuously improve. We want to keep making a living from agriculture and contributing to a better world at the same time.


This is “Vicasol’s recipe to success”:

1. To produce the best food with reliability and to guarantee their availability to meet the client’s needs.

2. To achieve the maximum technical productivity, thanks to an optimal planification that seeks the highest commercial benefit for the farmer.

3. Transparency and equal treatment in the rights and obligations of partners.

4. To develop the technical and emotional talent of people.

5. To provide Vicasol partners with an exclusive services portfolio that allows farmers to produce with quality. Services like: 

✔  Technical support, job hazard prevention, exclusive lab, supply depot, etc. 
✔  Tax, employment, administration consultancy and financial aid management.  
✔  Gas stations, shops, trips, dinners, get togethers.

6. We arrive at wherever it is logistically possible

7. We are stronger together. We want to build a sustainable future so that we can make a living from agriculture another 40 years more and, for that reason, we are sustainably growing our products at the present.